Tips for selection of children clothes in summer season

Tips for selection of children clothes in summer season

Every child has different preferences for clothes. Some kids prefer thin clothes, some prefer heavy clothes. So, it is important to know the preference of the kid and understand the temperature during summer in the place where you live before selecting any garments for your kids. During summer, the temperature can rise well above 40 degrees in plain areas of Pakistan. Below are some tips which will help you in selecting clothes for kids;

#1: The selection of clothes should be based on the child’s personality and body shape.

#2: Kids are more comfortable with casual clothes during summer and the best option is light cotton or linen fabric. The most important reason to select any garment is its comfort level. So, make sure that your kids are comfortable in their new set of clothes before buying anything.

#3: Formal wear should balance formality and comfort with formal wear. So it's advisable to pick a few simple or plain items, like a white dress shirt or blue jeans, that can be mixed and matched with other outfits. Trousers should be made of light material like cotton so they don't terrify your child while wearing them in heat.

#4: Selecting clothes based on the season is also very important to ensure sufficient outerwear protection due to sudden temperature changes. Pants and shorts should be longer to avoid too much exposure to the body. Shirts should cover the stomach area to avoid excessive exposure to the skin.

#5: Select colors with good contrast: Kids often have a hard time telling colors apart and sometimes they skip one color in between while selecting their favorite color combination!. The clothes must be free of any decorations or logos that might offend other kids.

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