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Towels / Wash Cloths Set of 6 (Mix colours)

Towels / Wash Cloths Set of 6 (Mix colours)

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 Length=7.5 inches, Width=7.5 inches

  1. 【MATERIAL】Imported - A blend of cotton which is soft and comfortable to use. It is soft terry with super absorbency.
  2. 【Occasion】This product is useful to dry a wet baby after bath and diaper changing.
  3. 【Package】1x Towel
  4. 【Care】Recommends hand wash or machine wash by cool water, dryer drying, or drying in the air, do not bleach. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please note that colour combination may vary but material / stuff remains the same. Thanks for consideration.

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