How to keep clothing environment-friendly

How to keep clothing environment-friendly

Clothing and fashion are one of the most polluting industries today. That’s why more and more companies are making environmentally-friendly clothing to reduce pollution, conserve water, and save energy.

With the advancement of technology, the use of sustainable materials for clothing has increased. For example, synthetic fabrics such as polyester have a less environmental impact than natural fibers such as cotton or wool. They are easier to recycle or dispose of because they do not decompose easily like cotton’s cellulose which can take centuries to break down.

One can contribute to reduce the adverse impact of one's clothing in the following ways:

1. Research and choose sustainable clothing.

2. Make sure that the clothes you buy are made from environmentally friendly materials.

3. Use the clothing you already have, especially if they are in good condition and functional.

4. Avoid buying clothing that you do not need and spend your money instead on something else more beneficial to society (charity donation, for example).

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